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Clouded Orris & Coconut Cream

√ Holiday Season Notice - Handcrafted Small Batch Products may require up to 2 weeks for production

Pick up Available: Bombash Botanical Skincare Co.628 E McMurray Rd, McMurray, PA 15317

Note *Some items way take longer to cure*

Unlock the Secret to Silky-Smooth Skin: Clouded Orris & Coconut Cream Body Moisturizer for a Luxurious Pampering Experience!

Benefits: Our signature line of body moisturizers is expertly crafted with West African Shea hand whipped to perfection, and blended with the world's finest natural aromatics to offer an array of irresistible scents that soothe, nourish, and hydrate your skin.

How To Use: Gently massage our luxurious body moisturizer onto your skin using circular motions. Start from your feet and work your way up, covering all areas of your body. Pay extra attention to dry or rough areas.


  • Shea Butter
  • Natural Vegan Fragrance