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Glow Room & Linen Spray

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√ Pick-up Available at Bombash

Bombash Botancial Skincare Co.628 E McMurray Rd, McMurray, PA 15317

Usually ready within 2-3 business days.

Note *Some items way take longer to cure*

Our Glow room and linen spray is meticulously crafted to fill your space with the enchanting fragrance that can only be found here!

Benefits: Not limited to rooms alone, our versatile spray can also be used on linens, such as pillows, sheets, and curtains. Mist lightly on your textiles to infuse them with the captivating scent of Glow. Drift into a tranquil slumber as the delicate aroma envelops you, creating a cozy and comforting ambiance.

How To Use: Shake well before use. Avoid eye contact. External use only.


  • Perfumer's Alcohol
  • Vegan Natural Fragrance and / or Essential Oils