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French Lavender Room and Linen Spray

√ Holiday Season Notice - Handcrafted Small Batch Products may require up to 2 weeks for production

Pick up Available: Bombash Botanical Skincare Co.628 E McMurray Rd, McMurray, PA 15317

Note *Some items way take longer to cure*

Experience the Soothing Power of French Lavender: Elevate Your Space with our Luxurious Room Spray!

Benefits: Not only does our French Lavender spray freshen sheets between washes, it also boasts natural antibacterial properties and offers aromatherapeutic benefits, helping to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Simply spray on your bedsheets at night, or on your couch or gym bag for a refreshing scent that lasts all day.

How To Use: Shake well before each use. Press down two times to eliminate odors. For stronger aroma, repeat. Patch test fabrics prior to use. Avoid eye contact. External use only.


  • Perfumer's Alcohol

  • Natural Vegan Fragrance
  • French Lavender Essential Oil