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Signature Scented Candles and/or Wax Melts

√ Holiday Season Notice - Handcrafted Small Batch Products may require up to 2 weeks for production

Pick up Available: Bombash Botanical Skincare Co.628 E McMurray Rd, McMurray, PA 15317

Note *Some items way take longer to cure*

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Bombash Signature Scents

Tin Signature Candle and/or Wax Melts

Elevate your space with our Signature scents, meticulously crafted to create an atmosphere steeped in sensory delight. Whether you choose our elegant candles or versatile wax melts, you can trust in the outstanding quality and commitment to excellence that our brand represents.

Tin Candles

Benefits: Elevate the ambiance of your home with our small-batch, hand-poured candle line that guarantees exceptional quality and exquisite aromas.

How To Use: Always burn candle within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.


  • Soy Wax
  • Essential Oils and/or Vegan Natural Fragrance
  • Cotton Wick

Wax Melts

Benefits: Our soy wax melts offer the same aromatic experience as candles, in flame-free single-serving cubes, ready to effortlessly fill your space with delightful scents.

How To Use: Wax Melts offer the same aromatic experience as candles in flame-free single-serving cubes, conveniently ready to pop into your favorite tart burner. 2 oz. wax melts contain 6 multi-use cubes.  

Reminder: For optimal safety, please follow these guidelines. Do not melt the wax on a stovetop or in non-approved appliances. Always keep the melting wax within sight and do not leave it unattended. Ensure usage only in well-ventilated areas and away from any flammable materials. Lastly, remember to keep these products out of reach from children and pets.


  • Soy Wax
  • Essential Oils and/or Vegan Natural Fragrance